Margo Stilley


Tall, slender and enviably poised, a beguiling mix of ethereal beauty and unbounded enthusiasm. - In Style

Before beginning her career as an actor, Margo Stilley started out as an artist and was offered a full scholarship to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for Photography, which she declined in favor of traveling the world and experiencing life, culture and fashion. Finally alighting in London, at the age of 20 she accepted the lead role in Michael Winterbottom's independent art house film, '9 Songs' that suddenly thrust her into the limelight, which she took to with a easiness that saw her immediately gracing the best dressed lists and solidifying her name as one of the industry's most fashionable young stars, landing her photo shoots and interviews in glossy magazines such as Vogue, In Style, Tatler, Another Magazine, GQ Tank, Blast Magazine and Elle, to name but a few.

It's no wonder that BlackBook Magazine has named her as the first of London's 'Tomorrow People'. With 11 films in just 5 years, Margo Stilley is shooting out in front of the pack. She has most recently come full circle collaborating again with the Bafta Award winning director Michael Winterbottom on a BBC2 improv comedy, 'The Trip' co-starring with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. We are also eargerly awaiting the release of the much anticipated Hippie Hippie Shake this Autumn where Margo plays Cynthia Plaster Caster alongside Sienna Miller and Cillian Murphy.

When not filming, Margo has become and integral part of the charity Dramatic Need ( and spends much of her spare traveling to some of the most challenged communities in South Africa teaching drama to farm schools and helping children living through terrible hardships learn artistic skills and find a creative voice through the performing arts. She has just recently founded the Dramatic Need Scholarship and has placed her first student into South Africa's leading film school.

Using her new found fame, Margo was not happy to just further her film career, but has also used the platform to broadcast her opinions and insights on the world. She has debated sex in the mainstream on BBC radio, written for The Sunday Times News Review about religion and her generation and has recently published 2 main feature 6 page articles in Esquire Magazine about her adventures.

Margo's diversity and chameleon qualities make her a remarkably versatile and exciting young artist who is sure to surprise and delight us all.

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